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December 2017 -Holiday blues, Master Plan, Office hours, Flair & Ending Violence
November 2017 - Money. Maternity, Labour Code, Contacts & Meeting Dates
October 2017 - Convention Bulletin
September 2017 - FADAP, DH, Solidariity, Pharmacare, Labour Day & Local meeting
August 2017 - Change of Meeting date, Track your sick time and demand tax fairness
Crew Rest on LOU flights
July 2017 - Awards, Resolutions, Books Offs, 1:50, Privatization, Ground Duty & A Canada Day Lament
June 2017 - Tag You're it!
January 2017 - Taxes, trading, grievances & marching..
March 8 - International Women's Day
March 2017 - Sick leave, draft...Privacy at the Airport
April 5 - Money, Passports, Privatization & Childcare
On Board Crew Rest
May - Convention and 2017 Local Meeting Dates
June - Brevets, Local Meeting & PBS

December 2016 -Vote, Money, Hours & Hoildays
December 2016 - Continuous Book Off, Best 3 Years, C-27, Leap Manifesto
November 2016- Radiation, Reform & Safer Skies
September 2016 Big Bulletin
August 2016 -Crew Rest, Expenses, Layovers, Health Benefits, GoodLife & TPP
July 2016 -Contact, National Reports, IST & CPP
June 2016 - Safety Pulse
June 2016 - Meeting, Reconfiguration, & A Better Plan for Us All
May 2016 - Meeting, Crew rest, Special Dinners & Wildfire Relief
April 2016 - Clarification to Crew Rest
April 2016- Cash, Crew Rest, By-laws, Budgets & "Mincome"
March 2016
March 2016 - UP Express, CLIFF, Claim Secure...
January - DH, DOT, COP & 2016
February 2016 Bulletin

April - Where one thread breaks
May - Local Update
May - Politics, Privitization,...
May - Have you been harmed...
May - Are your manuals up to date?
May - New Wheelchair Passenger...
August - Local Update
August - Newsletter
October - Think your vote doesn't count?
October -Newsletter
November- Report from CUPE National Convention
Good Life Deal for 2016
2015 Ratificaiton Vote Results
November- Checks, Stress & Pharmacare
December- Security Starts with You
December - One Clinic, Two rallies, Social Media...
December - Power Packs - When are they Boarded?


....Defend your Pensions!!!
Express concern with Bill C-27, introduced in Parliament inOctober 2016. It would allow Crown corporations and federallyregulatedemployers to push employees to surrender defined
benefit pensions in favour of target benefit plans. In tough times,target benefits can be reduced, providing less retirement security for its members bad news for seniors, and our
economy. In 2015, Prime Minister Trudeau promised Federal Retirees that defined benefit pensions “which have already been paid for by employees and pensioners, should not be retroactively changed into [target benefit plans]”. But Bill C-27 would permit exactly that. We believe you should act to protect the retirement income security that’s already been earned by us and millions of other Canadians in definedbenefit plans, and reconsider the provisions in Bill C-27 that would allow retroactive pension
changes. Prime Minister Trudeau should honour his promiseand continue efforts to build better retirement income security for Canadians. Read more at www.cupe.ca

Click the link below to find your MP and write to them now!!!

The Liberal government is proposing changes to the Canada Labour Code, but they don't go far enough.
The changes would apply to workers in federal jurisdictions. CUPE supports updating the Code, but argues that the proposed changes fail to provide adequate protections and reasonable access to leaves for workers.
This is the message that CUPE delivered this week to the House of Commons' standing committee on Finance. Elizabeth Dandy, CUPE's Director of Equality, and Chandra Pasma, CUPE Researcher, presented the union's submission on Bill C-63, the proposed Budget Implementation Act. CUPE welcomed the opportunity to present its perspective, and urged the government to go further. The federal government should be setting a high standard for the province to emulate. Unfortunately, in many areas, the Canada Labour Code lags behind the best provincial standards. The changes being proposed in Bill C-63 do not bring the new federal standards up to the level of the strongest provincial standards.

Money In Your Pocket
You may have noticed an increase in your take home income during these last few months of 2017. If you are close to the top of the pay scale, or an in charge, you may have already reached the maximum contribution level for some federally mandated deductions. Each year, the Government sets a maximum amount for federal deductions, meaning, you contribute at the percentage rates until you reach the maximum, then no further deductions are made. You contribute 1.63 % of your salary for Employment Insurance up to a max of $836.19 and 4.95% for the Canada Pension Plan, up to a max of $2564.10. In addition, the 2.3% WIP premium will not be deducted from your November 17, December 17 and January 17 pay checks, as there is currently a contribution holiday in effect.

All of these deductions will restart in the new tax year in January 2018.

Do your duty please!
A gentle reminder that the Service Director should put in for ground duty credits any time meal, bar or water service is provided to passengers on the ground that exceeds 30 minutes. Flight attendants are not able to do such a claim themselves, so they rely on you to follow through on their behalf.

Expenses on All Night Pairings
We have received reports that since December 2015 some members have not been paid any expenses when working all night pairings. We are currently gathering evidence about this important issue. If you have worked an all night flight in the past year, please check your statements to see if you have been paid expenses, and if not, please make a claim. Send us a copy of your claim, whether approved or denied, your detailed flight summary and, for blockholders, a copy of your PBS block. We are unsure at this point how extensive the problem may be, but we were recently made aware of at least one member who was missing in excess of $400 per month. Email your information to office@local4092.ca.

Shooting Yourself in the Foot
Reduction in unproductive time - wages paid for which the Company receives no work in return- has always been a priority for the Company. The focus on attendance over the last few years has resulted in a members being called in for meetings, investigated and in some cases unfairly disciplined for excessive or pattern absenteeism. The Local is moving forward with grievances on these issues. We have also discovered that many members are taking unpaid leave of absence when ill instead of booking off, in order to avoid being caught on the absenteeism radar. This only benefits the Company, as now you are forfeiting a right in your Collective Agreement, a right that was negotiated in lieu of a pay increase or improvements to working conditions. Additionally, this decrease in book offs leads to the perception that the average number of book offs per employee per year is lower than it really is. This creates an unrealistic lowered expectation of the average number of book offs for all employees. CUPE and the Company negotiated 12 sick days per calendar year and the ability to accumulate days up to 125 in order to protect our salary and provide protection in case of illness. CUPE feels strongly that when you are ill you should book off and not take a leave.

Why are you waiting to call in sick, block holder? Go to bed!

As a block holder, your book off only begins at the time you fail to report to work due to illness. Waiting up until 12:01 to book off does not save you any sick days, so go to bed sleepyhead! In fact, waiting until the next calendar day to book off may cause problems for the operation, as crew scheduling cannot call replacement crew between 23:00 and 08:00, or more than 2 ½ hours prior to departure, to assign the pairing. This means that reserves are getting late call outs or possibly drafting may occur plus you feel like garbage because you are sick and stayed up too late. Call to book off as soon as you realize you are not feeling well. Sick days are charged in 24 hours increments, so watch the clock when you are booking back on instead if you are even 1 minute over the 24 hour period, you will be charged another sick day. Sick days are only deducted for duty days and non guaranteed days off.
Please note that for reserve members, your book off starts at the time of your call.
Check out Article 9, Sick Leave, B5.04 & .05 Legal Rest Periods of your Collective Agreement for more info

Lifetime Maximum for Health Benefits
Air Canada Claim Secure online has recently added access to your lifetime maximum amount. Each member of our health plan has a lifetime maximum amount of $50 000. When you make health benefit claims that exceed $2000 per year, the overage amount is deducted from your $50 000. We have access to a wide selection of health benefits some things, such as compression stockings or orthopaedic shoes can cost hundreds of dollars – so it is important to monitor your usage to ensure you continue to have coverage. To access your lifetime amount log into HR Connex -> Health & Dental Claims -> My Claims -> Claim Totals -> Lifetime Maximum

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