Injury on Duty - WSIB (Worker's Compensation) process

This section is designed to guide you through the regular work-related illness or injury process (for non-work injury see the WIP section).

Follow the steps below and do not hesitate to contact your CUPE resources if you need any additional information.

For your convenience, you'll also find relevant forms and documents for WSIB here & WIP here.

Reporting Injuries

We urge you to take the time you need to be well!

It is crucial that you report your illness or injury regardless of whether you feel the need to book-off or not. Report it if you feel unfit for duty due to a work-related injury or illness, even if you are on days off. This allows the joint Workplace Health and Safety Committee to conduct a Hazardous Occurrence Investigation and Report, in accordance with the Canada Labour Code and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety regulations. In turn, we can find ways to prevent similar injuries or illnesses from recurring. Help your Union and your Workplace Health and Safety Committee help you!

If you are ill or injured because of work, you can report it through either the Work Related Injury/Illness eReport or the paper-based ACF32-8 Flight Attendant Injury/Accident Report. The eReport can be found at Whereas the paper-based report is here; you can scan and e-mail or fax it to your Occupational Health and Safety Manager ( Tel:905-676-2347 / Fax: 905-676-4543).

If you feel this illness or injury was caused by something that can be changed, you can report it through either the Health and Safety Complaint eReport or the paper-based ACF32 Employee Safety & Health Concern Form.

Be aware that the Union is not always provided a copy of your reports.

Book-Off process and Submitting the claim

Follow the steps below for any work-related injury or illness if you must book-off due to a work-related illness or injury - which can include trauma from a work-related incident. If you are simply reporting an injury which requires medical assistance, follow the same steps and disregard booking-off/on and modified duties.

1) Complete and submit either the Work Related Injury/Illness eReport or the ACF32-8 Flight Attendant Injury/Accident Report, if you have not already done so.

2) Call Crew Scheduling to book off as "Injury on Duty."

3) Obtain medical attention as soon as possible to file your Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claim. If your doctor is unavailable, visit a clinic.
- a) Residents of Quebec should contact CUPE Local 4091 for assistance with CNESST (514-422-2235 /

4) Advise the doctor that this is an "Injury on Duty."
- a) The doctor will complete the WSIB Form 8 Health Professional's Report and submit it to WSIB to file your claim.
- b) The doctor will provide you with Page 2 of Form 8, which you must scan and e-mail, or fax, to the Crew Productivity team ( Fax: 905-676-4543).

5) Your doctor, or specialist, must complete a Functional Abilities Form (FAF) and submit it to WSIB.
- a) The FAF should be completed at each follow-up appointment, as your limitations change during your rehabilitation.

6) Your Crew Productivity Manager will e-mail your Air Canada account within 24-hours of receiving your report. They will offer you modified duties within your limitations.
- a) **PLEASE NOTE** You must accept the offer otherwise your WSIB claim may be denied. If you are concerned regarding the proposed modified duties contact your CUPE Workers Compensation Committee representative ( / 905-676-4293).
- b) Respond immediately to the request, in writing, that you are "willing to accept the offer of modified duties within the limitations set out in Form 8 and the Functional Abilities Form."
- c) Retain a copy of all correspondence with the Crew Productivity Manager's office.

7) Complete the WSIB Form 6 Worker's Report of Injury/Disease (; otherwise, WSIB will contact you for additional information.

8) If you believe your absence will be for more than 7 days, apply to the Wage Indemnity Plan (WIP). This is in addition to your WSIB claim. WIP protects your wages in the event that your WSIB claim is denied.
- a) Important: If you are applying for WSIB, you can usually use a copy of your WSIB form 8 (medical report) instead of paying your doctor to fill out the WIP medical report. To do this, simply fill in your information on page 1 of the WIP form and attach a copy of your WSIB medical report (WSIB form 8) instead of having the physician's statement on page 2 of the WIP form completed. If you choose not to do this, we recommend providing the WIP forms to your doctor during your initial appointment, to avoid additional visits - there is often a charge for filling out the WIP form, you are responsible for these charges.
- b) For more information regarding WIP contact your WIP Committee representative (Patricia Eberley / 1-877-411-3552 ext. 258).

9) Once you are cleared by your doctor to return to regular duties, contact the Air Canada Occupational Health Services (905-676-2400).
- a) Advise them that you sustained a "Lost Time Injury on Duty" and that you are cleared to return to work by your doctor. Follow their instructions.
- b) Once you are cleared by the Occupational Health Services, call Crew Scheduling to book back on.

10) If you were absent for more than 7 days, and were cleared by the Occupational Health Services, you must contact Planning to advise them that you are on "Active Status" and to be re-instated onto the regular payroll. You do not have to contact them if you were booked off for less than 7 days.

We know this can be overwhelming. We are available to you if you need any clarification or assistance during the process. Your CUPE Local 4092 Health and Safety team members are copied in this e-mail and are there to help you.

Remember to keep a copy of all documents and correspondence.
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