Local Executives

CUPE Local 4092
Denis Montpetit
Email: denis@local4092.ca

Michelle Duhaney
Vice President
Email: michelled@local4092.ca

Vittoria Primavera
Vice President
Email: vittoria@local4092.ca

Lillian Speedie-Court
Email: lillian@local4092.ca

Jinny Wong
Email: jinny@local4092.ca

Alison MacDonald
Vice President
Email: alisonm@local4092.ca

Laurent Roy
Email: laurent@local4092.ca

Tamara DiMaddalena
Vice President

Cynthia Kryszak
Vice President
Email: cynthia@local4092.ca

Secretary Treasurer

Amy Ng

Local Trustees

We at Local 4092 would like to announce and welcome our 3 new trustees:

Mark Tang

Da Hyen Lee

Joseph Yu

These 3 gentlemen will soon start shortly auditing past and present finances to ensure that everything has and will be done according to our Local By laws.

Trustee Reports

Click here for the 2011-2012 Local Trustee report and Treasurers' response.
Click here for the 2012-2013 Local Trustee report and Treasurers' response.
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