Covid Related Illness

If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19, don't come into work & book off!

Since December 31, publicly funded PCR testing is only available for high-risk individuals who are symptomatic and/or are at risk of severe illness from COVID-19, including for the purposes of confirming a COVID-19 diagnosis to begin treatment, and workers and residents in the highest risk settings, as well as vulnerable populations. Members of the general public with mild symptoms are asked not to seek testing. The Air Canada isolation period matches your province of residence - the updated information and links regarding the isolation period can be found on aeronet under the "covid information tab".

  • Non-Work Related: If you think you are ill or injured from your personal time, be sure to apply for WIP if your absence will be for more than 7 days. For more information, including application forms, click here


  • Work Related: If you think you are ill or injured at work (from the time you show up to work until you go home), or because of work, then follow the work related illness and injury process. click here

Covid Leave

Governental Vaccination Mandate
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