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It's getting hot outside - click here for information on preventing excessive termperature onboard. Check out Part 7 of the Aviation Health & Safety Regulations for the exact clause.

Have an OBSM on board? Click here for the consent award to learn about what they can and cannot do.

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Bidding Info

Bidding bulletin July 2017

July is a 30-day block month from July 1 to July 30
It is an 85-hour block month. Min hours 76 and Max hours 85

Bids open June 8th at 0800
Bids close June 14th at 0800
Awards published June 16th at 2300
Contesting opens June 16th at 2300
Contesting closes June 19th at 2300
Contesting results June 20th at 2300

Bid assistance hours
June 8th from 1200 to 1900
June 9th from 1000 to 1700
June 10th from 1500 to 2200
June 11th from 1000 to 1700
June 12th from 1200 to 1900
June 13th from 1000 to 1700

Please Note: Due to the renovations in the communication center the telephone number (905-676-4300 ext 1373040) is no longer available.

If you cannot come to the communication centre during training bid assistance you may send us an email at pbsyyz@gmail.com. If you would like to speak to an instructor, in your email please include a telephone number so we may call you and the best hours to contact you. You also may also leave us a message on the PBS line 416-798-3399 ext 252.

On Board Crew Rest

We are still asking members to submit reports if you are unable to complete service and schedule sufficient crew rest on long range flights. Please give us a schedule of how long the service took and and any further details on flight, such as equipment failures that prolonged service, turblence, passenger issues, medicals, crew complement, etc.

Under the terms of the Collective Agreement you are entitled to an additional 30 minutes crew rest on board LOU18 & 22 flights only. (LOU 60)

Scheduled flight over 11:30 are entitled to 2 hours crew rest

LOU 18 flights:
duty periods under 14h59 are entitled to 2 ½ hrs on board crew rest
duty periods from 15 hrs to 16h15 are entitled to 4 hrs.

LOU 22A flights:
duty periods from 16h16 -17h10 are entitled to 4 hrs on board crew rest
duty periods from 17h11 - 18h00 are entitled to 4 ½ hrs.

Meal breaks are to be taken separately from the on board crew rest.

Use this link to report on board crew rest issues:

Click here to find out more info about July long haul flights.
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